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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jan. 31, 2006

I didn't do any sewing on Sunday. Yesterday I decided to work on the kid's sibling shirts first instead of the parachos. In the course of doing the first I did something wrong, and some how both threads went into the machine. It was a huge mess, and now the machine is not working right. I am trying to figure out if I need to take it in for a cleaning or what. Anyway, for the time being I have no embroidery machine, since it is not stitching out well.

I did manage to finish embroidering two shirts. Chanie's took me almost 3 hours to do. :-(

Over all project satisfaction: -*** (Yup, negative three. I am very upset with how the embroidery looks and how long it took.)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jan. 25, 2006

I got real behind on keeping track of my work.

Last week (Thursday), I spent a lot of time laying out the curtains (paroches) for the boys yeshiva. I had a friend come over and help. In the end, we decided that the Holy Temple (Bais Hamikdash) will be done on a shimmy organza material. The scene of Jerusalem will be done on muslin with two shades of embroidery thread. The stars at the top are not going to surround the Bais Hamikdash. Instead, I will have a band of fabric that will hang down. I have room for eight stars. I called Yossi's classmate, and it turns out that there are seven boys in the graduating class. So what I plan to do is embroider eight stars on organza. They will alternate between gold and green. (Green being Yossi's favorite color.) One of the green stars are going to be embroidered in a holographic shinny green. That will represent Yossi. The other 3 green ones can represent his three close friends. The other four gold stars will represent the other graduating boys. Finally, I have the wording. It is very long and looks like it will take me 16 hoopings to get it all done. I am still not positive on which topping I will use. Some say to use burn away stabilizer, others say to use a water soluble that you pick away. I have a little time. My sewing goal for today is to work on the Bais Hamikdash and the stars on the band. I would like tomorrow to get the extra piece of velvet which will be embroidered with the words marked and ready for embroidery. My goal is to embroider that on Sunday and Monday next week. That leaves me Tuesday and Wednesday to sew it on to the big piece of velvet. I really hope I can keep to my schedule. (My big problem is that my back has been hurting a lot.)

Got the Bais Hamikdash finished, but ran into a glitch. I used free motion embroidery to fill in the windows and doors. However, when I drew out my design on the water soluble stabilizer, I shaded them in. When I washed it away, the pencil marks remained. I checked and they won't show up when I put the organza on the velvet. The other problem was that I used a very dense satin stitch, and the organza got a little out of shape after I washed away the stabilizer. I ironed it and it seems to be pretty OK. I was too tired tonight to embroider my stars. I hope to do that tomorrow. I also want to redo all the writing, so that it is a drop smaller. That means starting from scratch again. :-( Not looking forward to that, but since each star takes about 14 minutes to stitch out, I will have a lot of time to kill while I baby sit my machine.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jan. 14, 2006

Worked on the spring twirl skirt for Shoshana. I love how fast they go together.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jan. 12, 2006

I am nuts. I started the baby skirt at around 1:00am, and finished closed to 3:30am. Then, I got up this morning, and decided it needed a shirt and hat. I was going to embroider a tee shirt, but I didn't like the way it looked with the shirt. So I made one from scratch!!!

The skirt is a double layer bias skirt. I used lace to edge each layer. Then I made a waist band, but instead of putting the elastic in, I used button hole elastic, which I have never done before. It turned out pretty interesting, although I will have to work to perfect this technique. I haven't tried it on Shoshana yet, but it should fit nicely. Turns out the waist band was 2" short. I measured the pattern piece (that I made up) against the skirt, and lo and behold, it was short. Wrote a note on it to make it an inch longer (it is cut on the fold).

Overall project statisfaction: *** (I am not thrilled with the way the skirt looks in general. The lace is just too overwhelming for the skirt. It is 3" wide.)

The top is a peasant top. I spent over an hour working on the embroidery designs. The front has the words, "I'm the BIG sister!" and a girl and a baby on it. The back has Shoshana's name spelled out in blocks. It was hard to do because I had to twist the blocks around and layer them. (In Embird, I mean.) Finally, I stitched everything out. The front design is OK. The back got a little messed up when I worked on the design. (My fault, not the design.) I also wish I had thought to use my vinyl topper I have. I saved it for something exactly like this, where there is a solid block of embroidery instead of the airy designs I usually do. Anyway, all the mistakes I see are probably only visible to me because I know to look for them. Next up, I added lace to the hem and sleeves. The top went together nicely. The sleeves look very renaissance. I sewed elastic in the sleeves near the cap, and the hem is like a bell bottom. Paired with the skirt, I like the outfit a lot better now.

Overall project satisfaction: **** (I am pretty happy with the top.)

Finally, the hat. I wanted one with the brim that could go up. I decided on a cloche hat. I embroidered a tiny rattle on the part that folds up. I could not remember what size seam allowance to use. I used a 5/8ths seam. I tried on one part (on Shoshana's head), but with the whole thing put together, I am not so sure it will fit. But it is just darling.

Overall project satisfaction: **** (if it fits, less if it doesn't)

Basically, that is it for the week. I need to work on her last twirl skirt Sat. night, and then it is on to the parachos (curtains) for the boys yeshiva (school). I am thrilled to have met most of my sewing goals for this week!

If you would like to see all the pictures, with close up of the embroidery, please see my yahoo album RIGHT HERE. Thanks for reading and looking.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jan. 10, 2006

Shoshana doesn't feel well, and seems to need a lot of attention. I am not sure how much sewing I will get done today.

I did work some on my robes. If I can steal an hour away from her I can probably get them finished.

Goals for this week:
*Finish the two robes
*Test out the embroidery for the parachos (curtains) for the boys yeshivah.

Well, I can't believe it, but I finished both robes!!!! I spent most of the sewing time doing froggy sewing. First of all, the Kwik Sew instructions for this pattern stink. As far as putting in the zipper goes. They did not say to baste the front shut. Needless to say, my material rolled as I was putting in the zipper, and it looks awful. Never mind that the zipper and ribbing don't match well. I would have been better off using contrasting colors. I also had a hard getting the ribbing in. Well, not exactly. I pinned the ribbing in the feet and one had before I realized that I was not stretching the feet or arms at all. It looked so big. I pulled out the pattern piece, and great genius that I am, since I am making two robes, and the pattern piece said cut 2, I cut 4. Of each color for each robe. And sewed the together. And therefore my cuffs would have been twice as big! I am so glad I caught this mistake BEFORE I started serging!!! Anyway, that set me back another hour having to fix this mistake. I messed up slightly on my Shabbos robe as well. The neckline rolled. I did use wonder tape to get the top to stick, but I also had thought about using interfacing even though the pattern did not say to. I now wish that I had. I have to see how it feels before I decide if I want to try and froggy stitch that collar. It is almost impossible to pick out the stitches, since the thread is the exact same color and I used terry fleece for that robe.

Purple robe: overall satisfaction rating- * (not happy with my sewing or color choices)
Green Shabbos robe: overall satisfaction rating- *** (love the fabric, embroidery, and color choices, don't think I did my best sewing on it)

If you want to see more pictures, go to my yahoo album HERE.

Jan. 9, 2006

I took the serger in to the Bernina store almost as soon as they opened. Hugo switched the threads for his thread, and it worked perfectly. Then he rethreaded the machine with my thread (Maxi-Lock), and it was skipping. He spent an hour getting it right, but in the end, it works perfectly. Hooray! No sewing for today, but at least I know it works right now.

Jan. 4, 2006

I struggled with my serger for almost an hour. It is skipping stitches. I have tried putting in different size needles and different kinds of needles. I give up. For now, no more sewing. :-(

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jan. 3, 2006

Had a doctor's appointment this morning. I did work on the pockets. I hate working on pockets that go on the front. I am always worried they won't line up right. These are patch pockets that need to match exactly or it looks terrible. I am working with terry fleece and sweatshirt material. The first hem of the terry fleece came out awful. Had to pick out the stitches. Guess how hard it is to pick them out???? Second time around they came out perfect. Used wonder under to attach the pockets, and sewed them on. The sweatshirt material was slightly easier to get on. I remember to lay one piece on top of the other to make sure I got the pockets lined up perfectly. They are pretty close.

I hope to work some more on the robes later.

Didn't happen. Need to work with the serger.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Jan. 2, 2006

Sewing goals for this week:
*finish two robes for me
*baby skirt for Shoshana
*cape for Shoshana

I cut out the second robe for me. (Gorgeous purple sweatshirt material.)
Cut out Shoshana's baby skirt. (It is an outfit for her to wear after the baby comes.)
Cut out Shoshana's cape. Had some fabric left over, so ...
Cut out a twirl skirt for Shoshana.

I sewed Shoshana's cape. I learned my lesson about the ribbons. I pinned the ribbons out of the way. Went together very fast. The only change I would now make is to add a pie shaped piece to the fold section of the cape. The cape barely hangs over Shoshana's shoulders. She is thrilled with her cape. Can't decide if I should try it one more time or consider myself done and move onto my other goals for the week.

Overall project satisfaction *** (the sewing is perfect, but she doesn't like it because it keeps choking her. Need to figure out why.

Later ---
Made Shoshana another cape. (They are so fast to make!) Now Chanie wants one. Cut the stabilizer off my pockets, and ironed on interfacing on both sets of pockets.

Overall project satisfaction ***** (I really like how this one lays on her, and I like the double ribbon.)

Finished Shoshana's black and pink skirt. (All it needed was top stitching at the waist.)
Overall project satisfaction *** (Looks great, but has some sewing errors in it that I know about.)

Jan. 1, 2006

Cut & sewed a cape for Sruli. He was very happy with it. Made it longer in the back than the sides, and lined up robots so that they are right side up on both the front and the back. His cape consisted of three pieces, one back piece cut on the fold, and two fronts. I sewed the fronts to the back on both the top pieces and the lining. Pinned everything together, and stitched around the sides, leaving a small pocket in the bottom. Fliped right side out, ironed, and top stitched around.

Caught the ribbon on one side -- Mental note to self, pin ribbons out of way. Also, don't use a knit with a woven, as the knit tends to shift. Finally, the knit made the cape very heavy, and also the hole for the neckline ended up too big.

Overall satisfaction with project ****