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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jan. 12, 2006

I am nuts. I started the baby skirt at around 1:00am, and finished closed to 3:30am. Then, I got up this morning, and decided it needed a shirt and hat. I was going to embroider a tee shirt, but I didn't like the way it looked with the shirt. So I made one from scratch!!!

The skirt is a double layer bias skirt. I used lace to edge each layer. Then I made a waist band, but instead of putting the elastic in, I used button hole elastic, which I have never done before. It turned out pretty interesting, although I will have to work to perfect this technique. I haven't tried it on Shoshana yet, but it should fit nicely. Turns out the waist band was 2" short. I measured the pattern piece (that I made up) against the skirt, and lo and behold, it was short. Wrote a note on it to make it an inch longer (it is cut on the fold).

Overall project statisfaction: *** (I am not thrilled with the way the skirt looks in general. The lace is just too overwhelming for the skirt. It is 3" wide.)

The top is a peasant top. I spent over an hour working on the embroidery designs. The front has the words, "I'm the BIG sister!" and a girl and a baby on it. The back has Shoshana's name spelled out in blocks. It was hard to do because I had to twist the blocks around and layer them. (In Embird, I mean.) Finally, I stitched everything out. The front design is OK. The back got a little messed up when I worked on the design. (My fault, not the design.) I also wish I had thought to use my vinyl topper I have. I saved it for something exactly like this, where there is a solid block of embroidery instead of the airy designs I usually do. Anyway, all the mistakes I see are probably only visible to me because I know to look for them. Next up, I added lace to the hem and sleeves. The top went together nicely. The sleeves look very renaissance. I sewed elastic in the sleeves near the cap, and the hem is like a bell bottom. Paired with the skirt, I like the outfit a lot better now.

Overall project satisfaction: **** (I am pretty happy with the top.)

Finally, the hat. I wanted one with the brim that could go up. I decided on a cloche hat. I embroidered a tiny rattle on the part that folds up. I could not remember what size seam allowance to use. I used a 5/8ths seam. I tried on one part (on Shoshana's head), but with the whole thing put together, I am not so sure it will fit. But it is just darling.

Overall project satisfaction: **** (if it fits, less if it doesn't)

Basically, that is it for the week. I need to work on her last twirl skirt Sat. night, and then it is on to the parachos (curtains) for the boys yeshiva (school). I am thrilled to have met most of my sewing goals for this week!

If you would like to see all the pictures, with close up of the embroidery, please see my yahoo album RIGHT HERE. Thanks for reading and looking.


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