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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jan. 25, 2006

I got real behind on keeping track of my work.

Last week (Thursday), I spent a lot of time laying out the curtains (paroches) for the boys yeshiva. I had a friend come over and help. In the end, we decided that the Holy Temple (Bais Hamikdash) will be done on a shimmy organza material. The scene of Jerusalem will be done on muslin with two shades of embroidery thread. The stars at the top are not going to surround the Bais Hamikdash. Instead, I will have a band of fabric that will hang down. I have room for eight stars. I called Yossi's classmate, and it turns out that there are seven boys in the graduating class. So what I plan to do is embroider eight stars on organza. They will alternate between gold and green. (Green being Yossi's favorite color.) One of the green stars are going to be embroidered in a holographic shinny green. That will represent Yossi. The other 3 green ones can represent his three close friends. The other four gold stars will represent the other graduating boys. Finally, I have the wording. It is very long and looks like it will take me 16 hoopings to get it all done. I am still not positive on which topping I will use. Some say to use burn away stabilizer, others say to use a water soluble that you pick away. I have a little time. My sewing goal for today is to work on the Bais Hamikdash and the stars on the band. I would like tomorrow to get the extra piece of velvet which will be embroidered with the words marked and ready for embroidery. My goal is to embroider that on Sunday and Monday next week. That leaves me Tuesday and Wednesday to sew it on to the big piece of velvet. I really hope I can keep to my schedule. (My big problem is that my back has been hurting a lot.)

Got the Bais Hamikdash finished, but ran into a glitch. I used free motion embroidery to fill in the windows and doors. However, when I drew out my design on the water soluble stabilizer, I shaded them in. When I washed it away, the pencil marks remained. I checked and they won't show up when I put the organza on the velvet. The other problem was that I used a very dense satin stitch, and the organza got a little out of shape after I washed away the stabilizer. I ironed it and it seems to be pretty OK. I was too tired tonight to embroider my stars. I hope to do that tomorrow. I also want to redo all the writing, so that it is a drop smaller. That means starting from scratch again. :-( Not looking forward to that, but since each star takes about 14 minutes to stitch out, I will have a lot of time to kill while I baby sit my machine.


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