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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jan. 3, 2006

Had a doctor's appointment this morning. I did work on the pockets. I hate working on pockets that go on the front. I am always worried they won't line up right. These are patch pockets that need to match exactly or it looks terrible. I am working with terry fleece and sweatshirt material. The first hem of the terry fleece came out awful. Had to pick out the stitches. Guess how hard it is to pick them out???? Second time around they came out perfect. Used wonder under to attach the pockets, and sewed them on. The sweatshirt material was slightly easier to get on. I remember to lay one piece on top of the other to make sure I got the pockets lined up perfectly. They are pretty close.

I hope to work some more on the robes later.

Didn't happen. Need to work with the serger.


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