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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Feb. 1, 2006

No sewing really. I packed up my embroidery machine, and sent it off to the sewing machine doctor. I suspect I have a piece of thread caught up in it. Since this machine is now a year old (I saw on the box it was shipped Jan. 27, 2005), it is due for a cleaning anyway!

Here are two pictures of the stuff I have done for the paroches:

This is a scene of Jerusalem. It will go in the middle of the curtains.

The Bais Hamikdash looks stunning, because I did it on a shimmery organza fabric. It is still weird looking here because I didn't wash away the water soluble stabilizer.

So far I am pleased with how it is coming along. Now I need to get my embroidery machine back so I can finish working on it!


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